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There have been significant advancements in genomic information for colorectal cancer (CRC). Hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes are known to consist of 10% of all CRC but more than 20% of have family history with yet to be defined abnormal gene. Also, while CRC tends to occur in the elderly, there are around 13-15% of CRC that can occur when one is less than 45 years old.
A young colorectal cancer patient or a patient with strong family history of colon cancer will have many concerns. Besides how best to manage oneself when a diagnosis is made, there are also worries of the risk to loved ones. Subsequently, there may be a need for genetic testing. In hereditary conditions, prophylactic surgery (surgery before developing colorectal cancer) may have to be conducted. Other organ systems may also have to be screened as concurrent cancers may develop.
Dr Chew Min Hoe has investigated extensively into various hereditary colorectal cancer syndromes and conditions. He has also reviewed and researched about young colorectal cancers in Singapore. He continues to manage many families with hereditary conditions and provides screening and surveillance.
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