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Michelle Teng
Michelle Teng
Nursing Manager
Michelle has worked for more than 10 years in specialized nursing including medical, neurosurgical, burns and surgical intensive care in Singhealth hospitals. She has completed a degree in nursing and an advanced diploma in critical care before being promoted into management for multidisciplinary ICU/HD. The comprehensive training and invaluable experience managing complicated surgical cases in the ICU has equipped Michelle with the skills and knowledge to nurse a broad spectrum of surgical patients holistically. Michelle has garnered Singapore Health Service Quality Awards (Silver) in SGH (2013, 2014, 2017) and in Sengkang General Hospital (2019, 2021). She was also awarded the 2019 Sparkle Award in SKH as a commendation by her colleagues.
With vast exposure in perioperative and critical care, Michelle is passionate about helping patients along their surgical journey to recovery. She is looking forward to applying her expertise at The Surgeons to provide safe, competent and patient-centred care with a human touch.
Renee Ong
Renee Ong
Nurse Care Coordinator
Renee graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in 2018 with a Diploma in Nursing. In her 3 years of experience, Renee has worked in General Surgery wards and has acquired skill sets to look after patients’ pre- and post-operatively. Renee has managed a broad diverse background of patients, including the very elderly and frail, patients with chronic complex diseases, residents from various nursing homes and institutions as well as many from the surrounding community. She is well versed in looking after patients with stomas, ileal conduit and complex wounds. Renee is also passionate in ensuring patients are knowledgeable about their disease conditions and preventive health to reduce admissions into hospitals. As a personal testimonial from a grateful patient, Renee has personally delivered medication to his house as he was an amputee and it was highly inconvenient for him to come to hospital to collect medication himself. While at work, she has earned the 2019 Sparkle Award for her exemplary services shown. Renee is looking forward to providing a good patient experience in The Surgeons.


Our motto is "Caring Hearts, Evidence Based Minds, Skilled Hands".
The simple philosophy of our clinic consists of 3 parts:
  • Caring Hearts
    We understand there are many concerns and anxieties when one seeks medical treatment. We aim to listen, empathize and understand the needs of all our patients. Treatment is individualized and personalized.
  • Evidence Based Minds
    Medical science is ever changing and evolving. Scientific evidence provided can be confusing and overwhelming. Interpretation can often be misunderstood and practices that work in certain countries may not be suited for our local population. We will aim to use up to date knowledge and scientific evidence available to provide best practices and aid in decision making.
  • Skilled Hands
    If surgery is needed we will perform diagnostic and therapeutic procedures with the highest skills available. We will aim to use innovation and technology when suitable to allow enhanced recovery. Decisions made will be explained thoroughly with the patient and their caregivers to ensure complete understanding of the benefits, risks and limitations of each procedure. Most importantly, surgery will be done safely and with the best interests of our patients.
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