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Good Nutrition for Recovery and Strength
Optimal nutrition intake is vital to maintain your physical function, enhance and improve recovery process.
Here are some suggestions that might help:
  • Do not skip meals
  • Try small frequent meals throughout the day as having big portions can cause bloatedness as your appetite may not be normal initially
  • Schedule meal time and eat regularly rather than waiting until you feel hungry
  • Make mealtime a pleasant social activity and enjoy it with your family and friends
  • Incorporate nutritious snacks and go for easy-to-eat snacks to make eating convenient and more effortless
  • Choose your favourite foods and avoid unnecessary dietary restrictions
  • Consume nutritional supplements if you are unable to meet your nutritional needs
Nutritional supplements can be useful when:
  • You are underweight i.e. BMI < 18kg/m2
  • You have lost weight without trying
  • You have been eating poorly because of a decreased appetite
  • You have increased energy and protein requirements, such as
    • Preparation for a surgery
    • Recovering after a surgery
    • Undergoing certain medical treatment(s)
The following are tips to incorporate nutritional supplements into your daily diet:
  • To consume 1 serving of nutritional supplements if unable to consume any of your main meals
  • To have nutritional supplement in between meals as snack
  • Serve chilled or with ice
  • Serve warm by using hot water bath method
  • Add neutral/ vanilla flavoured nutritional supplements into beverages, such as coffee, tea, malted drinks or oats
  • Mix with small amount of soda water/ lemonade/ ginger ale (for juice flavoured options)
  • Blend nutritional supplements with fruit, yoghurt and/or ice cream to make a smoothie
  • Use in preparation of jelly, ice pops, pudding, chocolates and baking
  • Add protein powders to beverages or sprinkle and mix with food
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